Writing a class journal everyday really helped me internalize the events of the day. I found it difficult to do the expected work sometimes but when I did and then wrote about it in my journal it gave me a sense of satisfaction. The journals helped me summarize the activities done in class as well as go over what we did so that I would remember. For example when we practiced the paramedic method in class and then I wrote about how it helped and how I can apply it to my work it really helped me do so.
The reading journals also helped. When is came to the group led discussions having done a reading journal before hand helped me recall what happened in that section of the book as well as remind me of things that I thought were interesting and to talk about during class. The reading journals helped me to be prepared for every class as well as to write all my essays because I could use any of the readings ever time. In this section of my portfolio you will find my reading and class journals.



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