The quantity of collaboration incorporated into the class has made it enjoyable for me. The most obvious form of collaboration in class has been the group led discussions, which allow a variety of perspectives and thoughts on the topic to be expressed. When There are a bunch of ideas and view points on what we are learning in class it helps be decide what I think is the right interpretation and it also helps me voice my opinion in hopes to help others solidify or make an opinion on the material. During the group led discussions I try to participate as much as possible and to come from a bunch of different angles and perspectives so that the class might take in my perspective as viable. I like that we basically lead half the class as students because it helps us show respect for each other while we present and teaches us all the skills of presenting and leading a class in discussion. Working with people that you don’t know very well also makes collaborating to lead a discussion as a group difficult and pushed me to find what worked best so that we all contributed and made the best discussion possible.
Aside from the group led discussions, peer editing and general help from my classmates has been an invaluable recourse. During the peer editing sessions in class I am getting better at helping create more direct and specific introduction sentences and peer editing overall. More than me helping others with their work I think that I get the most from peer editing because my essays are always made more concise and clear after someone has edited it. Blogging on the wordpress sight has been new to me and I have found it interesting to see what other people have to say and then have to chance to comment on what they think. Overall class collaboration has been beneficial because we all come from different backgrounds and all of our perspectives and opinions are different but valid so the class gets multiple angles to look at any one topic, enhancing the class education.
For the first blog I responded to alvero05, jocelynew, and DeAngela Morgane.
For the second blog I responded toalvero05, gdiazperez, and mai thao.
For the wizard of oz blog i responded tolindsay thomson, deAngela morgan, maria arreola.

I responded to rooben12, jocelynlew, and linsday thomson for the collaborative response.

I responded to DeAngela Morgan, rojobrenda, and joelwoolfork for the cover page on process.

For the inception blog I responded to Brenda Rojo, Isabel Rosales, and Jocelyn Lew.

Wicked GLD Final

GLD in cold blood-1

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