Drafting is a crucial step to writing, however never did it dawn on me how helpful drafting actually is until this class. In previous classes my final draft was normally my first, almost unedited. Since we have to upload our drafts online I felt the need to actually go through more than one draft. It surprised me how many small mistakes I would make in the earlier drafts, from something like a spelling error to grammar. Getting to the third and final drafts my work was significantly more precise and on topic than before. I found going through drafts and uploading them as my process made sure I went back and caught things to make my essay what it is supposed to be.

Going over my essay and drafting was tremendously difficult for me. It is almost like a pride issue that I don’t like others to read my work unless it is like the teacher, so allowing classmates to go over what I wrote tore me up on the inside. It was never that I did not want to share my ideas because I never had any problem speaking them, only when I wrote them they felt more permanent. Allowing others and myself to go over my writing has shown how much good another perspective as well as my own at a different time has to offer the work that I am doing. The process steps have improved my writing abilities as a whole.

ICB essay draft 2?diagnostic essay

ICB essay

ICB draft 3

essay 2 1st draft

essay 2 2nd draft

essay 2 3rd draft

essay 3 draft 1

essay 3 draft 2

essay 3 draft 3

essay 4 draft 1

essay 4 draft 2

essay 4 draft 3

3 thoughts on “Process

  1. This third written response will consider your third essay and your progress through the semester, noting areas on which you might focus as you complete your final portfolio.
• I see that drafts of all of your cover letters, and of your introduction, are not yet uploaded
• I see that you still need to upload evidence
o and at this time have some of it up
• for visual clarity
o include links (to those on whose work you replied) in your collaboration section
o create the correct order for your menu. Look to for the correct order
• additionally
o it is a good idea to upload sooner rather than later. That way you can troubleshoot for problems well before the deadline
o “ethic” should be corrected to “ethics”
    Essay 3:
• this response will focus primarily on clarity of writing as these tips will be of most help for you as you complete editing your cover letters and essay 4
o make sure you italicize all titles, you have deviations of words and italics from in-text to in-text citation, and also to your works cited list. This could be, in part, caused by the corrections needed in the works cited list
o there is the sample paper for 2009 MLA format at the Purdue owl site, It is a visual illustration of correct form that I hope might be helpful to you as a place to start when questions on form pop up. Notice the way that the date is presented in MLA format
o go into “view” in word. Scroll down to “header and footer.” Right justify your last name and page number there
o note commas and periods generally go inside quotations. Check comma notation in relation to quotation marks (#5)
o you might try to break up some of your longer paragraphs. It seems that you are still using the five-paragraph format. It is good for organizing ideas, but let the sub-components of your larger ideas stand on their own as paragraphs. This will be particularly important as you progress toward longer essays through your undergraduate work
o please review the website for MLA in-text citation (
o please review the website for MLA creating a works cited list
o please note that the in-text citation refers to the first notation in the works cited list
o you can also go to to construct a properly formatted MLA works cited page
o keep working on creating clear sentence structure by being attentive to reducing redundancy and increasing specificity. As you revise for one syntactic element, you will notice other revisions come to mind that will help you to make your sentences clearer
o one way to work toward clearer syntax is to double check that you have explained your ideas before moving on to the next thought. When you do this more, you will be filling up the space you create from reducing redundancies.
o to clarify your writing and thinking, keep working with the paramedic method:
• Grade: C+
    As always, if you would like more feedback please do seek me out in office hours. You have done a good job through this semester! Keep the energy going, we are almost there!

  2. Response to essay two:
    As stated on page five of your syllabus: “grades will be handed back within two weeks of any assignment’s hand-in date. There will be three written evaluations that will examine your progress through the semester.” The first in-depth written evaluation included comments on your webpage creation and assessment. The second included detailed feedback on essay one, as well as other pertinent class participation. Your next detailed written evaluation will include comments your next essay.
    In class we went over all elements this essay required carefully, engaging in workshops and peer editing around each point mentioned in the rubric. Your grade for this essay is B+. If you would like more specific comments, please do come by office hours. Making an appointment will ensure that there is time set aside for you on the day you would like to come in.

  3. Essay 1: In Cold Blood: Perspective and primary source material
    Before I give you feedback I will give you a chance to re-submit your work. Please load your final essay in pdf format.
    You have three drafts in the process section of your portfolio.
    In your collaboration section you do not note the students on whose work you blogged. Please complete this aspect of every blogging assignment.
Also, do make sure that your menu is correct. Look to as a model.
    Please do come to see me in office hours if you would like additional feedback.

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