Following the guidelines of this class, I have earned a B for the class. I have demonstrated active participation in class, followed class directions and aided others in the class respectively.
Group led discussions are a major aspect of the class. Obtaining the classes attention and keeping them interested for 40-50 minutes at a time is a difficult, however with the groups made, both times have the group and I successfully done so. During presentation of the group led discussions I have done my best to ask thoughtful questions and get the class to incorporate their own ideas into the discussion. Not only when presenting do I make sure and add my thoughts and perspectives but also when others present. I am aware that being in front of the class can be frightening and even more so when the class is not helping keep the discussion moving smoothly, so I do my best to contribute whenever possible during others group led discussions. Keeping up with all the readings has been difficult and I have been up to date with most of them but not all making it hard to participate during discussions but even then I do. Along with the group led discussions is class work such as the parametric method and elaborating on the use of concise sentences. I have not been the most helpful during these exercises but I pay attention and take the most I can from them.
The essays are the main focus of the class and mine were all done to the best of my ability. Each essay that I crafted was done with perspective and uniqueness in mind. I did my best to write about something that no one in the class was writing about to give a variety of outlook or just something not based off what was read in class. My hopes for doing this were to entertain the teacher and expand my options and views for the class. For every essay three drafts were made and in some instances a fourth or more draft. Everything essay was thought out and elaborated to convey my message how I wanted it. During peer review exercises I allowed others to read my work and read others to help them improve topic and thesis sentences as well as keep their sentences precise and to the point. Honestly I have never gone through more than maybe one or two drafts of an essay the second or first being my final product, but for this class I have kept up with the drafting process as well as editing mine and classmates essays which has proven to be tremendously helpful.
In everything that I do I attempt my best, because if I didn’t then I’d be wasting my time. I have done what the class has asked for me and deserve a B for all my work and participation.

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